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CaseStack’s Collaborative Freight Consolidation Programs help CPG companies thrive in today’s retail environment by giving them a cost-effective means of achieving ever-tightening performance metrics.


Participating suppliers enjoy savings of 15% to 50% over prepaid LTL and limit exposure to costly retailer compliance penalties, by ensuring delivery on 1 to 2-day windows.


Consolidation also requires fewer touches, lessening the frequency of overages, shorts and damages – resulting in improved in-stocks/on-shelf availability, thereby improving sales for suppliers and retailers alike.


Exceed All Expectations

Our consolidation programs are designed in collaboration with the retailer, to ensure the program is optimized for each retailer’s respective delivery network and performance metrics.


While each program has unique components they all start with the same essential formula: create unified ordering and shipping schedules so that purchase orders from multiple suppliers can ship together as full truckloads.


Maintaining a unified ordering and shipping schedule makes it possible to ensure our consolidation trucks meet the required delivery window – regardless of the acronym.


Suppliers also enjoy paying consolidated truckload rates, which are significantly less than prepaid LTL and often even parcel rates. Depending on the program accessorial charges are included.

CaseStack Offices

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Nationwide Network

Inventory Hold Cross Dock

CaseStack’s Freight Consolidation Programs are offered as inventory hold and cross-dock solutions.


Consolidation clients can take advantage of our nationwide network to meet the evolving needs of their business.


We have warehouses in Chicago, IL, Scranton, PA, Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Kent, WA and Toronto, Canada.


All locations are certified AIB Excellent or equivalent and offer a full range of value added services.






Retail Supply Chain Experts

Online PODs Comprehensive Client Support

CaseStack’s Freight Consolidation Programs also come standard with support from a dedicated management team and retailer compliance and customer service specialists.


Our propriety Client Portal provides real-time inventory visibility across our warehouse network and order tracking and documentation, including PODs, BOLs. Custom reporting is also available.


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